Tolerances and Qualities / Exclusion of Complaints

The coverings from dispenser design are handmade. Each fabric is cut, sewn, covered and glued individually. The surfaces of the dispenser are prepared accordingly. This can result in the following tolerances and qualities. These are mostly only visible in a glancing light and on closer inspection.
… but nerds like us will discover them.
Therefore we exclude the following points and qualities as a reason for complaint:

1. visible seam fold

2. folding lugs

3. emergings on dispenser surface for example the inspection window

4. unevenness

5. cutting edges where no apportionment is possible

6. wrinkels on the bottom corners

7. deviations in the seam line

8. grinding marks or adhesive residues inside the hood, which is only visible when the dispenser is opened

9. batch differences between different delivery batches there may be slight deviations in the degree of gloss or leather graining.