professional DISPENSERS for paper towels and soap in BEAUTIFUL design
Because hygiene doesn´t have to look cold!

Attractively designed, professional systems for the cleaning, care and drying of our hands.


"Can I get this in beautiful design?"
Many, many times we have asked ourselves that. And so we started ... to paint, to film... to cover ... until we were happy with the result.


A combination of design and professional, market-proven systems. Made of high-quality, hard-wearing surfaces and efficient technique. Handcrafted sewn and upholstered.


A range for classics, minimalists and savages with dispensers and consumables for cleaning, care and drying our hands.


Dispensers and consumables for cleaning, care and drying of our hands. In four different spatial mood worlds: Classic,Pure, Wild und Individual

  • surfaces (depending on the product line) are:
    • disinfectant resistant
    • medical device law DIN EN ISO 10993-5+10 compliant
    • resistant against blood, urine, oil, salt water & UV
  • Towel papers certified with EU Ecolabel, FSC and ISO 14001
  • Efficient single sheet roll systems, instead of wasteful folded towels
  • Consumables from one of the world's leading hygiene product manufacturers


  • Choose and order dispenser, cover and seam
    • or just replace only the hood of your existing KC dispenser
    • or send in your own dispensers and have them covered with artificial leather
    • when time is short: get a transitional dispenser
  • Order paper, soap, disinfection in addition
    • or order a subscription


  • internal technology can be changed separately; the leather hood remains
  • Artificial leather surfaces for all applications and requirements
    • resistant against detergents & disinfectants
  • Strung test products in successful full use for 1.5 years
  • 50.000 sold (unclamped) dispensers and permanent supply of paper rolls and soaps
  • 20 years experience in the hygiene sector
  • Consumables and spare parts directly available in 150 countries